About in the shadows

We are a family-based prop supply company located north of Toronto, Ontario Canada. In The Shadows has been renting props in the greater Toronto area since 1997. In The Shadows specializes in gun and custom prop cash rentals. Our large selection of police uniforms includes generic US and Canadian regular force and SWAT officers. We also stock actual NYPD, Ottawa Police, Metro Toronto, RCMP and other forces. We stock hundreds of shoulder crests and individual police badges.   Our art department also creates custom props and specialty printed materials. We also stock hundreds of other props, from treasure boxes, to bear traps and animal skulls and bones. We cater to large and small productions, and offer package pricing.  Further In The Shadows has an elaborate inventory system, and can re-issue the same props for continuity in the future. 

Our main product line is gun prop rentals. Each municipality has its own regulations when dealing with guns (even props for entertainment). Contacting the local municipality, and acquiring a film permit, will give you the updated necessary information on Prop handler, and Wrangler services, as well as local police services that may be required for your shoot. 

 Our services offered include gun handler, gun wrangler and prop master for your production.

Gun handler: If you are renting prop guns and using them on municipal or public property, not only will a film permit be required (or consent from the property authority), but a gun handler will be required to ensure props are legally and safely used. Our presence is necessary to properly secure the prop guns, ensure safety for the actors and proper handling to prevent damage of the props, and legal handling of the guns is enforced at all times.

 Wrangler: If you require direction to the actors, or you plan on using blank guns or ammunition in your production, our wrangler services will be required. All our wranglers are restricted and non-restricted PAL licensed, and have training with the weapons used during your production. Steve White, our master wrangler has been using guns since he we 13 in Canadian Army Cadets. His exposure to the FNC1A1 7.62 military weapon started his desire to learn more about guns and gun history. Steve has over 30 years’ experience handling weapons, and has worked on productions across Ontario and Quebec. Our Wrangler services have been used by the History Channel, the Ottawa NAC, and hundreds of small and large productions.

 Prop Master: We also offer full prop master services for your production. We have supplied this service for budgets from $8,000 to $10,000,000.00. We have an extensive contact network across the GTA, New York and Los Angeles. If we do not have your needed props in stock, we will work with your production needs to determine if it is best to create or outsource your custom props. Our specialty design, and print design services are priced to compete with all industries, and allow you to get the best "BANG” for your buck.

 Print and Prop Design: Our art department has decades of experience creating specialty print and custom props. We work with large and small budgets to fulfill your requirements within budget restrictions. If we do not stock a prop, then we will work with your production to determine if creation and fabrication, or out sourcing is more cost effective, and best for the scene's needs.

We have edited photographs to add or delete persons when needed using Photoshop and other software. We have customized images to create I. D’s or family photographs for set. We have fabricated complete books, forms, and files. For example:

  1. complete police stations including outdoor signage, offices including files, mug shots, wall posters, hall and entrance signage, set deck and hand props all including logos for continuity, personalized and character specific signage and ID's including name tags, mugs, door signage etc.
  2. elaborate university offices with gothic lore, custom books, gothic set accessories, medical signage, door and desk personal name plates
  3. complete I. D’s and family photographs to decorate offices, home and other set locations to establish a character and their history; including wedding and photo albums, wedding certificates, newspapers (aged and new), and many other personal items

 Speaking and Seminars: In The Shadows offers a full Pixel Point seminar designed for groups of 20 to 200. Our seminars cover a variety of topics however our main focus is the proper use of prop guns in productions. The legislation, types of guns, and authentic handling of props is crucial. Our seminars run from 1 to 3 hours based on content and details. We also have developed a specialty day program for larger post-secondary institutions that allows us to bring in industry guests, and military and/ or police assistants. We can further work with our partners and educators to accommodate head shots with props for actors.

Our prop “US LOOK” currency has been produced to be safe in public (not able to pass), and yet be clean, visible, and look authentic on stage or on film. Our currency is printed one to one scale. See our currency page for more information.