in the shadows  prop rental and movie memorabilia


    Prop gun rentals in the Toronto area. In The Shadows has 4600 guns in our collection. Blank firing, rubber and resin guns. We carry a variety of machine guns, hand guns, shotguns and rifles.  We rent prop guns in the greater Toronto Area, including Barrie, Hamilton, and surrounding cities.

Our Gun catalogue

    Authentic police, SWAT/ ETU/ ETF, and riot props and accessories.  We carry police badges, patches, SWAT vests, bullet proof vest, helmets, including a small selection of police shirts, pants, jackets, hats and accessories.  Many police forces to choose from including NY PD, FBI, RCMP, Calgary, PEEL, Metro Toronto, Ottawa, and others. Specialty ERU, subdued patches for response units.

Police catalogue.


prop rentals


    As OUR team is on set, we acquire  authentic signatures, and photo promotional materials.  We also attend many events such as Fan Fest, Fan expo, and many others to acquire autographs. We also buy, sell and trade authentic signed items. Our collection is extensive. 

    Our collection includes many signed pieces from James Bond, Star Wars, X-files, CSI Las Vegas, and many other major motion picture and television franchises.

    Our art department creates custom displays, using museum mounting techniques. We can also custom design a display for your collection.


    We carry $35,000,000.00 in prop cash. Our US LOOK custom designed Fake Cash has been used in many motion pictures, and theatrical productions. We have over 50 safety features in our custom artwork. Each bill is two sided, and approximately the size of US currency.  We have $100.00, $50.00, $20.00 and $10.00 denominations. We rent pro prop “fake cash, or money in the Toronto area. We sell around the world.

Our prop currency for sale or rent (in the GTA)

Many other props and accessories including holsters, night vision goggles, Black powder guns, barrels, skulls, bear traps, and custom designed props available.